Improve Communication and Experience "Better Connections"

Understanding yourself and others is the first step to improving your relationships and developing effective communication. With this kind of knowledge, individuals,
couples, families, ministries, staff, businesses, and teams can improve relationships, communication, recognize
gifts and talents, experience personal development, and learn the best way to approach others for a win-win.

Experience a tailor-made Workshop to help you or
your team find the "right fit" in the puzzle of life.   

Improve Understanding — Understand Your Differences

You, your family, staff or team can improve understanding through:

  • Motivators: Learn WHY you do what you do, what you care about most, what motivates you and doesn't motivate someone else
  • DISC Behaviors: Learn HOW you do what you do, understand your observable behaviors and those of others you interact with, your default mode
  • PTSI or DNA Insights: What you do WELL, your talents, abilities, and skills
  • Blueprint for Life: Discover WHAT you were created to be and do, your unique purpose, destiny, calling for greater fulfillment
  • Emotional Quotient: Discover how you handle your various emotions internally and externally with others
  • Dream Culture – Bringing Dreams to Life: Unlocking your DESTINY and dreams, releasing you to live life to the fullest

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Yes! But How?

Information does not produce transformation, experience does. The Christian Life Coaching process is an experience that will help you:


  • Determine your unique true identity, God-given purpose, mission, core values and redefine your priorities and schedule which will help you to live a happy, satifsfying, healthy, balanced life of "no regrets."
  • Experience a safe place of unconditional acceptance where you can discover, brainstorm, and envision all that you were created to be and do.
  • Receive the encouragement, insight, and healthy accountability you need to set goals that you are motivated to achieve, create a vision for your life, and most importantly discover who you are.
  • Receive new insight and understanding as to how you and others are wired and behave – HOW and WHY you do what you and others do.
  • Learn what enhances your productivity to help you or others find the
    "right fit" in life for personal fulfillment and satisfaction.


Take That First Step

You can experience "Better Connections" in all
your relationships, experience personal satisfaction, and improved communication among your superiors, peers, co-workers, spouse, family members, children and friends.

Take that first step to setup a workshop, take an assessment or experience a Life Coaching session today. Your future awaits you! Contact: Wendy at:

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“The will is transformed by experience, not information."  
                               Dallas Willard  

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