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Career Coaching for Students™

  • Better Career Planning & Mapping
  • Better Education Planning
  • Better Life
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Career Coaching for Students™ is the most effective
student career guidance and strategic planning program
used by parents, professional career coaches and academic guidance counselors in high schools and colleges. This discovery process is designed to positively affect student self-awareness, esteem and decision making skills.

What Does the Program Offer?
  • A step-by-step process to help your student identify career options to match their talents, strengths, interests, and passions.
  • Students will create a roadmap for their educational, college, and career path choices.
  • Learn Life Skills needed to thrive in tomorrow's society.
  • Gain access to resources that aid in career and college selection.


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Why is this Program a Must for Me/My Student?

  • Changing college majors and changing careers is getting more expensive every year.

  • The decisions teenagers make today in career path will directly impact their future lifestyle.

  • Today a solid education or training program with workable life skills is not an option but a necessity.