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Understanding You, Understanding Me and get a second book FREE. Give yourself and others the gift of discovering how you're wired and understand yourself and others better.

Enhance your marriage by understanding each other better! Purchase two assessments and a 2-hour Couples Debrief and get a FREE book.


Your student will discover which careers align best how they're wired plus their learn about their Ideal Environment to use as a guide for choosing the career and jobs that are best suited for them. Includes a 3-hour debrief, resources and career coaching.

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Understanding Me Understanding You is a must have resource to keep at your fingers tips as your “Relationships Reference Guide.” Sadly, most conflicts arise from a misunderstanding or being misunderstood. This book gives you a better understanding of yourself and others and helps identify what you and others need to “thrive.” Learn how to interact and communicate with others differently, because we are different! Learn how to speak a language that creates connections and gives you new insights into your family dynamics, improves your marriage, transforms your team, your working relationships–pretty much every relationship. If you learn, adapt and apply Understanding Me Understanding You, your relationships will be transformed and heart-to-heart connections will be formed. You will be given new eyes to see your world and a new appreciation for our differences.

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"If you knew who God made you to be, you'd never want to be anyone else." — Bill Johnson"

If you can understand who YOU are and who OTHERS are, you will come to the realization that being different isn’t wrong.” — Danny Silk    

“This book will certainly send you on a mission of discovering your identity as it relates to how God uniquely designed you even down to the most integral detail. In your discovery, you’ll begin to experience a paradigm shift in circumstances, surroundings, particularly in your purpose, your families, and relationships but most importantly your calling to bring God glory. Scripture teaches us that ‘…the truth will set you free.’ My friends, this book will speak clearly and directly into the rich life the Lord is calling you to live. Now is the time to find it!” — Pastor Susan Fannon  
"Wendy has a mastery over this material like no one else I know. She has combined her passion for helping people reconnect in their relationships and her knowledge of DISC to create a invaluable resource. As you read through this book, you will hear her heart and the lessons she has learned. I know you are going to value this resource as a foundational tool to improve and to take your relationships to the next level." — Jason Hedge, SPHR, Bethel


Who Am I in Christ? A 12-Guide to Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

Do you long for deeper intimacy with God? But have asked, “How?”

Intimacy begins with “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus”
on a daily basis. In one simple teaching, individuals, families, groups will be given tools to help enhance their “God Time” and will learn how to “Sit at the Feet of Jesus.” In the MP3 teaching that goes with this companion guide, I discuss the importance of: listening, journaling, worshiping, soaking in the Word, learn when is the best time, where, how to find your special place and about spiritual obstacles. Then we put it all together to actually experience “Sitting at the Feet of Jesus.”

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