HELP! Is Available to Prepare Kids for Life
Loving our Kids on Purpose 40-Day Challenge  

Thursday Mornings @ Hosanna! in Lakeville Sept 25-Dec 4

Gain a new understanding of Biblical truths, practical parenting tools, along with Love & Logic techniques that will transform your family. The Challenge will help you to weekly implement these
new principles that will transform your home into a culture of
honor, teach your kids how to make good choices, take
responsibility, manage tons of freedom, prepare them for life.    

Price includes 40-Day Challenge, Parent Coaching, DISC Assessments, Debrief, Practical Tools, Information and Class Materials.



Understanding Me – Understanding You

Thursdays, October 2 & 9
9:30 - 11:00 am
Hosanna! in Lakeville
Learn how to approach and interact with others differently, because we are different. Receive insight on the HOW you and others do what they do. It all starts with understanding behavior styles and what motivates each one of us.



Career Coaching for Students™

Includes 3-hour personal Debrief & Mapping

This career coaching will take you through a step-by-step process to help you or your student identify career options to match talents, strengths, interests, passions. You will create a roadmap of your ideal environment for the career options that best suit you and obtain resources at your fingertips that aid in career and college selection and planning.

$299 per person
Add to Cart 

Price includes: Motivators & DISC Behaviors assessments, debriefs, and additional resources.



Blueprint for Life Journey  

Do you know your purpose,
your calling, why you’re here,
and what it is you are to be and do?
Only 3% of population have ever bothered to write down their vision and goals or taken the time to discover their life purpose. Will you be able to stand at the end of your life having fulfilled your calling and life's purpose?

Now you can easily discover God’s blueprint for your life. You’ll leave the journey with your God-given purpose and a clear vision for all areas of your life: Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Financial and Career/Calling. Discover the life you were born to live. 

Ready to take the Blueprint for Life Journey? Contact:
for your persoal Blueprint for Life kit, and for indivdual
or group coaching into your purpose, destiny and calling.




Personal Training &
TTI Certification

13 Hours of Training via Webinar
(2 hour sessions)

Session 1: Motivators – the WHY you do what you do

Session 2: Motivators Practice

Session 3: Learning the DISC Language

Session 4: DISC Adapting to other Behavior Types, Analyzing the graphs

Session 5: DISC Behaviors Practice

Session 6: Coaching through a Personal DISC & Motivators Debrief

Session 7: Administering Links
(1 hour session)

for more information & pricing



Leadership Coaching
Levels I, II & Blueprint

A 14-week interactive training to equip you as a Life Coach with 30+ hours of actual Coaching practice. Life Coaching is an intentional journey into the full expression of God’s purpose for your life that leads to sustainable change and life transformation for you and those you Coach. During this Life Coach training, you will not just be trained to be a Life Coach, but you will find yourself transformed in the process. You will also experience and be equipped with
Blueprint for Life as an additonal coaching tool and how to debrief others in their DISC and Motivators Assessments as well.

$1295 per person     Add to Cart



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